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The Iconclub New Years Fitness Blog

Monday, January 5 2015 // Comments: 0

All aboard the Iconclub Fitness Train! Of all the 52 weeks of the year, it seems pretty extraordinary that we choose to make our promises for the year ahead in the one in which our body, mind and soul is the most broken – this being the first week of January.


These personal adjustments for the year ahead may be varied – but most come back to the same basic principle – to look good in clothes! The ways we accomplish this range from realistic – to pop a spirulina tablet every morning – to decidedly unrealistic– to hit the gym six times a week for a minimum of two hours with the aim of completing this years London/ New York/ Paris marathons. Managing our expectations is key! And Iconclub can help you do just that.


To those ends, one promise you can keep this year is to indulge yourself in some of our iconic (can we use that word for a brand this new? As it’s been designed by 60’s icon Barbara Hulanicki – and it’s called ‘Icon’ in the name - we’re gonna go with yes!) Iconclub clobber.


Such is the softness and flexibility of our tees, that yoga instructors have described them as ‘perfect’ for exercise. Made in breathable material in shapes that have been custom designed by Barbara herself to skim over any Holiday curves, you can now Zen-out in your Peace Warrior long sleeved tee on the matt. Or if Kickboxing is your thing, then float like a butterfly, sting like a bee in our short-sleeved Butterfly tee.


And if he’s got the New Year Eye of the Tiger too, don’t forget you can also kit him out in one our super cool tees. Why don’t you marry the two and get him our Eye tee in fluro orange, and our Tiger tee in mélange grey? Both are in muted colours with an accent of neon, and are perfectly fitting in gorgeously soft and breathable bamboo material. Believe us when we say that he’ll be the coolest guy in the gym this month.


But if your new years fitness positive intentions start to wane (historically – this usually happens around about the start of feb…), then you can be assured that our tees are so ultimately flattering, that they’ll discount the need for the gym altogether (not that we’re putting you off before you’ve even started!) In short, these tops are multi purpose – unlike anything you’ve tried before both in terms of feel and fit - and we insist you give yourself a New Years treat of trying one out.






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